4 Benefits of manicures at nail salons in Dubai

4 Benefits of manicures at nail salons in Dubai


Everyone knows that getting a professional manicure at a nail salon in Dubai is a fun way to treat yourself. Strolling out of a salon like roots with a fresh coat of polish or even cute nail art gives you a real boost of confidence and adds a finishing touch to any outfit. However, there a few other benefits that you might not have considered! Here are the top four:

  1. Increase circulation

During every professional manicure you will also receive a soothing hand massage. This massage increases blood circulation and flexibility of your joints. Our hands work hard everyday, and as we age they can become stiffer and it becomes harder to properly regulate temperature in our extremities. Regular massages can help mitigate these issues.

2. Correct nail problems

Brittle tips, split nails and scaly cuticles… our nails can be fraught with all kinds of embarrassing and uncomfortable issues that need professional intervention to correct. A manicure at a nail salon in Dubai can correct any problems and keep your nails attractive and healthy.

3. Cleanse and condition skin

How many surfaces do your hands touch every single day? How many elements are they exposed to?

Our hands go through so much and it’s not often that we take some time out to really show them some love. During a professional manicure you’ll be treated to a deep cleansing and exfoliating treatment that will remove grime and slough away dead skin cells. Finishing with a moisturiser leaves skin feeling soft, supple and protected.

4. Relax and destress 

Working, managing a home, taking time for family and maintaining an active social life all take their toll on our mental health and physical wellbeing. When we don’t take time out to be a little bit selfish and show ourselves some love and pampering, it’s all too easy to feel run down and burnt out. Setting aside part of your week for treating yourself to a self-care activity can help you relax and unwind – meaning you’re your best self in all the other important roles of your life.

There’s perhaps no better treat than a professional manicure at a nail salon in Dubai. Not only do you get to enjoy your time being pampered in the salon, you get to enjoy the effects (a fabulous nail colour!) for days afterwards. Every time you see it you’ll get a little boost of joy and confidence. You can’t put a price on that feeling!

If these benefits haven’t persuaded you that it’s time for your next professional manicure at a nail salon in Dubai, it’s quite possible nothing will! However, if you’ve been won over and are ready to book your appointment, why not try the experienced manicurists at roots? You can book your slot by clicking here. We can’t wait to meet you!


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