5 Reasons to Try a Lash Lift

5 Reasons to Try a Lash Lift

Did you know that the one item of makeup women would least like to give up is mascara? Those long, flirty lashes are an absolute must have. They make you appear more awake, more youthful and bring definition to your beautiful eyes.

Unfortunately, there’s no denying that mascara has its downsides.

Who among us hasn’t had a painstakingly-applied makeup look ruined at the last moment with a rogue mascara blob? You try to gently remove it with a cotton bud but the collateral damage is too great…

And then there’s the mascara that never wants to leave your face. You used three different cleansers last night (including that really expensive eye makeup remover the lady at the store swore would change your life) and still, STILL, you wake up looking like a giant panda. There’s no justice.

If you’ve finally had enough of mascara, can’t handle the stress of applying falsies on the daily and aren’t ready to commit to semi-permanent lash extensions, you need to try a lash lift.

Here’s five reasons to persuade you that it’s time to finally book your lash lift appointment:

  1. It saves tons of time

You roll out of bed, run a brush through your mane, dab on some concealer and blush and you’re out the door in ten minutes flat. There’s no need to spend any time on your lashes (or any other eye makeup really) because you already look fantastic! It’s the perfect natural daily “makeup” look.

2. Zero fuss flirty lashes

A lash lift treatment is ideal if you want lashes that are volumised, lengthened, tinted and lifted all in one. In as little as 45 minutes, you can walk out of the salon with the lashes of your dreams. There’s no need to bother with the fuss or commitment of infills or returning to the salon for removal.

3. Lasts ages!

Thinking of going for a lash lift, but aren’t sure if it’s worth the price? Well, it most definitely is. A professional lash lift from the experts at roots Salons can last as long as 6-8 weeks! Now that’s getting your money’s worth. Just think about all that extra beauty rest you can get now you aren’t running around in the morning with a mascara wand in your hand.

4. Perfect for party season

It’s November. You know what that means. The yearly influx of invitations to holiday parties are about to start stacking up in your inbox. Thankfully, you’ll have one less thing to worry about with a lash lift! Booking your appointment now means that your lashes will be fresh and fluttery right through to New Year’s Eve.

5. If you really want, you can still wear mascara!

Sometimes you just need a little extra something to inject some drama into look. We would never expect you to give up your favourite cat-eye liner or forgo your jewel-toned eyeshadows. With a lash lift, you can still wear whatever cosmetics you like! You don’t have to let that glitter mascara trend pass you by, grab the wand and go wild.

We hope this blog has convinced you that a lash lift is the way to go this November! Click here to book your appointment with the specialists at roots Salons.


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