6 Tips for Caring for Long Hair

6 Tips for Caring for Long Hair

There’s no denying that long hair can make you feel beautiful, sexy and feminine. For those of us that aren’t blessed with long, luscious locks of our own, there’s always a range of hair extensions that a hairdresser in Dubai could put in for us. While extensions do require a bit of care, the lucky few of us that can grow their hair to impressive lengths without professional intervention need even more help. After all, if something goes wrong with the hair attached to your head, you can’t just take it off and swap it out!

Take preventative measures with these top hair care tips for all the mermaid queens rocking their waist-length tresses.

  1. Be wary of your updo

There’s nothing wrong with throwing your hair up into a pony or a bun (sometimes a girl’s just gotta get things done), but you really need to be careful when it comes to especially tight styles. Long hair is naturally much heavier than shorter styles, so updos can put a lot of tension on the scalp.

Ever come home after a long day and took your ponytail out only to find your scalp aches like crazy? That’s some serious stress. You also need to be careful about the kind of hair ties you’re using. Elastics are a big no-no as they can cause breakage close to the root (not to mention tear out hair when you try to remove them.) Try to stick to scrunchies or plastic coil ties.

2. Use the right tools for the job

Stop using cheap, synthetic hair brushes! Long hair is older and more susceptible to breakage. By choosing natural brushes like boar bristle, you can minimise friction and tugging.

While you can’t avoid the occasional tangle, you can make sure your hair comes through it largely intact. With your boar bristle brush, work slowly from the tips to the roots of your hair, brushing down more and more hair as you go until you can sweep it through effortlessly.

Hot tip: Never brush wet hair. You’re just asking for breakage. Stick to a wide-toothed comb (combined with plenty of conditioner if your hair is very curly.)

3. Go easy on the heat

It’s a well known fact that heat damages hair. That’s why hairdressers in Dubai invest in so much top-quality heat protectant! Before you blow-dry, heat-style or even sit in the sun all day, make sure you’re taking steps to protect your hair.

There are plenty of heat protectant sprays on the market – shop around and see what works for you. When it comes to sun damage, you can actually purchase SPF specifically for your head and hair. You wouldn’t let your skin sizzle in the heat, so don’t do it to your hair!

4. Visit a top European salon in Dubai for regular trims

Visiting a hairdresser in Dubai might seem counterintuitive if you’re still actively trying to grow out your hair. After all, who wants to see the results of their months of patience end up on the cutting room floor? However, there are actually numerous benefits of regular trims.

Breakage begins in the ends of your hair, so when you leave them for a long time, they begin to taper and weaken. That’s when split ends strike. Left to their own devices, split ends will travel up the shaft of your hair and ruin the entire length. This will make your hair appear frizzy, thin and dry. But, every time you get a haircut, you are producing fresh, strong ends. Make sure you’re combating damage with regular visits to a top european salon in Dubai!

5. Invest in quality conditioning products

Still just throwing whatever hair care is on offer that week into your basket? Stop right there. Long hair is more prone to dehydration and frizz, so it needs the best possible conditioning treatments.

At least once a week, make sure you treat your hair to a deep-conditioning. It will leave it feeling softer, shinier and much more manageable. If you aren’t sure what products to choose, check in with your roots Salons hairdresser. She’ll be able to recommend a professional brand that will suit your unique hair type.

6.Wash the right way

Even if you have a naturally oily hair-type, you need to be very wary of over-washing long hair. Your roots may be feeling greasy, but it doesn’t mean that your ends aren’t totally parched.

Try to keep hair washing to once every few days to avoid sapping your lengths of moisture. When you’re in the shower, stick to shampooing just the roots of your hair and condition only the lengths and tips. It’s a fact that washing hair more frequently than needed will only exacerbate oil production, so tread carefully!

At the end of hair washing, rinse your hair in cool water. This will seal the shaft leaving hair looking shinier and healthier and will prevent excess breakage.

We hope these tips have helped you feel more confident about caring for your long hair! If you want some more advice from the experts at roots Salons (or need to book in one of those all-important trims!) you can get an appointment here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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