Enjoy A Gel Manicure In Dubai

Are you interested in having a gel manicure in Dubai?

Nothing is more irritating than perfecting your nails, then finding they flake after only one or two days.

Gel polish lasts for much longer than traditional nail polishes, forming a hardened layer that’s extremely durable. It also looks extremely beautiful and can last up to 14 days, at which point your nails might have grown out slightly.

If you wish to have a gel manicure in Dubai, simply pay a visit to one of our beauty salons in the city.

roots Salon offer a huge choice of colours to choose from and offer many techniques to keep your nails healthy and classy-looking. Our experts in Dubai can make your nails look stunningly beautiful whether you’re heading to a special event or simply want to feel glamorous at work.

Our experts will begin by buffing and filing your nails before any colour is applied. Our packages include Basic, French Manicures and a Polish Only service. We also offer Mineral & Salt treatments to keep your nails in exceptional condition, along with nail art for a creative look for your hands.

If you’re based in Dubai, why not discover more about our gel manicures today?