Looking To Have Microblading In Dubai?

Do you get tired of drawing on your eyebrows every morning and want to save time?

If you’re based in Dubai, simply head to roots Salon to try the latest eyebrow treatment known as ‘microblading’.

Microblading is of the most hottest eyebrow treatments available and this semi-permanent technique can help you achieve those perfect brows every single day. It involves inserting semi-permanent pigment into the skin manually and imitating the individual strands of hair, giving you permanently perfect eyebrows.

The results do not wash off and should last for 12-18 months, after which they will need to be retouched, saving you time and money on eyebrow pencils

Microblading can be used to shape or enhance your eyebrows and our experts will ensure your news brows are your natural hair colour and picked according to your skin tone.

roots Salon offer this treatment for a highly competitive price and always work to the highest possible standards. We are true experts in a wide range of beauty treatments, including hair styling, microblading, gel nails and lash lifts.

We have a microblading expert based at sunset mall who can carry out this technique to the highest standards.

Microblading usually takes around 1-2 and a half hours and at least one touch up is needed before the final result. After that, it’s recommended you have touch-ups every year.

If you’re searching for microblading in Dubai, why not discover more about roots Salon?