Searching For Top Hair Colourists And Stylists In Dubai?

If you’re looking for leading hairstylists and colourists in Dubai, you’re welcome at roots Salons- a leading salon that offers a wide range of beauty services.

Dubai is a leading city for all things beauty and we’re proud to have stylists from all over the world working for us, including those from the UK.

Many people are amazed by what a difference changing their hair colour makes, with some shades much more flattering to your skin type than others.

At roots Salons, our stylists are real experts when it comes to colour and will work hard to find the right match for you. For example, did you know that ash blonde is highly flattering to those with fairer skin? Or that darker skin colours suit red with blue undertones or burgundy?

Come along for first-class services at our salons in Dubai.

Whether you need a full head of colour or are looking to have touch-ups, we have highly competitive prices for dedicated and expert stylists who use the best products on the market. Along with cutting, styling and colouring, we also fit hair extensions to give you longer length and thickness.

We also carry out full and part-time highlights at all our branches.

If you need hair colourists in Dubai, simply get in touch with our team today.