Choosing the best hair extensions for your hair type

Choosing the best hair extensions for your hair type

Shorter, shaggier cuts and pixies are set to be some of the biggest hair trends in 2018, and we have no doubts that clients will be coming to the best European salons in Dubai for a total hair makeover in the next few months. However, there’s no denying the universal appeal of long, luxurious locks that make us feel confident and sexy. It’s why so many of us turn to hair extensions for temporary length and fullness, even when we’ve chosen a shorter cut. There’s also the fact that we’re not all genetically blessed with hair that’s naturally strong, thick and healthy enough to still look gorgeous at longer lengths.

Thankfully, there are multiple options for hair extensions that work for all different hair types. Whether it’s fine and sleek or voluminous and kinky, there are hair extensions that can give you the fabulous, waist-length tresses you’ve been dreaming of (even if it’s just for a night!) Here’s your guide to the different types of hair extensions and the hair types they work best for.

Bonded extensions

Bonded or fusion hair extensions are the most expensive, long-lasting and natural-looking option on the market. During application, human hair wefts are fused to your natural strands using keratin and as such cannot be reused. Weaker hair can struggle with bonded extensions as it needs to able to support the weight. Application can take as long as eight hours but with proper care, they’ll last up to six months. It’s best to go to a top salon in Abu Dhabi for these, as they really need a professional touch.

Best for: Medium to thick hair

Clip-in extensions

Clip-in extensions are ideal for special events or for people who want to try out extensions as a fun experiment or before committing to a more long-term option. The wefts are attached to pressure-sensitive clips that clamp onto small sections of your natural hair. They can be a little tricky to put in the first few times, but with practice you’ll find it can be a quick and easy way to get extra length and thickness. Though the clips aren’t bulky, they can show through thin hair.

Best for: Medium hair

Tape extensions

Tape in extensions are one of the cheapest options and can take as little as an hour to apply. However, this doesn’t mean they’re low quality. Tape in extensions can last for two to three months with the proper maintenance and are a great options for people with finer hair — the wefts are almost invisible in the hair once applied and have no extra bulk. It’s important to avoid any oily hair products as it can cause the tape to slip, though they are reusable.

Best for: Thin/fine hair


Extensions applied with a weave technique should really only be done by professional hairdressers at the best European salons in Dubai and Abu Dhabi as a lot of experience is needed to get it right. Weaves require natural hair to first be braided in cornrows before hair wefts are sewn in with a needle and thread. To keep the hair looking its best, it’s recommended that you revisit your hairdresser every four weeks or so to have the braids tightened.

Best for: Thick, curly hair and afro-caribbean hair

Micro-ring extensions

Micro-ring (or micro-bead) extensions work a lot like fusion extensions in that individual strands of hair are attached to small sections of your natural hair. The difference is that instead of “gluing” the extensions in with keratin, they are clamped in so no heat or chemicals are required. Like tape-ins, you should stay away from oily products avoid the beads slipping.

Best for: Medium to thick hair

We hope you find this guide helpful and now have a good idea exactly which type of extensions you’ll be asking for on your next visit to the best European salons in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. If you would like more information or are ready to book an appointment, please get in touch with roots Salons today.

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